Tim McBride

I became a published photojournalist for a nation-wide newspaper based in Costa Mesa California called Cycle News in 1990 covering local motorcycle races (primarily flat track and ice racing). A magazine called Cycle USA came on board in 1991 as a regional publication in which AMA District competitors from 5 midwest states would recieve in the mail with their menbership subscription. A publication called Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly published some of my work covering AMA Supercross, AMA Road Racing as well as AMA Grand National Flat Track events for many years. I was sending racing coverage to all three publications until Cycle News stopped the presses and went to an all-internet format which excluded local racing of all kinds. MMM also stopped publishing motorcycle competition coverage as well. Cycle USA is the only Magazine that still covers the local racing talent as well as AMA National events and you can still read my race coverage in that fine publication today. Over the past 25 years covering race events I have expanded my photography experience into other aspects such as wedding, specialty portraits of all kinds, sports, outdoor, wildlife and landscape photography. I do not wish to be "branded" with one form of photography. I enjoy all aspects of this fine art, so why stop at Wedding or Senior Portraits? The business experts will say in order to be successfull you should be branded in only one area. Sorry folks, that's not going to happen. I'm not in this business to make money - I'm in it to have fun.